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Jeff's eyes on the sky at the 1994 AKA Convention (57K)

I'm a 28 year old kite flyer who supports himself through GIS programming.  A little over a year ago, I picked up a pair of masters degrees in Geographic Information Systems (yup, GIS)  from the University of Maryland; they came from the College of Library and Information Services and the Geography Department.

I'm a doting uncle and I'm also obssessed with kites and music . Some of the pages here will be link farms, some will contain samples of my kite making, and some will be rambling texts about me and the things I'm into. Enjoy...

Note: these pages are fairly graphic-intensive, though all inline images are iconized. If you're accessing via slow link, you might want to turn off inline images -- all of the graphics can be accessed through links, so if you see text des cribing something you'd like to go ahead and download, you'll still be able to.

You'll probably notice the copyright notices at the bottom of my web pages. If you wish to reproduce anything in these pages, please be polite enough to drop me a line and ask permission. I'll almost certainly grant it!


10/5/98 a few new pictures of the kids...

8/24/97 -- getting my feet wet again.  Move to CQI, updates to CD list

yikes!  I've gotten really bad about maintaining these pages, haven't I?

Last update: 2/28/96 -- Mini Cody page

2/13/96 -- added photos of CJ, Rev 1.5

1/31/96 -- CJ's page, with sample

1/20/96 -- added more photos to WFK piece (thanks, Anne!) and the CD list under music.

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