CJ Burka

picture of CJ

CJ sits in the oven drawer, waiting for (to be?) dinner... (40k)

Okay, okay, so it's somewhat cliche to put babies and pets on web pages. You'll note, though, that as much as I love my dog, she isn't anywhere to be found around here.

Having shown such restraint with Cleo for all this time, I felt I was somewhat justified in throwing together a page for my niece, CJ.

CJ was born on November 9th, 1994. Since I still haven't determine whether or not it's possible and/or worthwhile to do any CGI scripting from the wam webserver, I'll let you figure out how old she is.

CJ in the leaves

Less than a year and already walking through the Fall leaves! (40k)

My niece is quite the precocious little ankle-biter: having almost completely skipped the crawling stage, she was running all over the place on two feet at 11 months! What can I say -- she takes after me.

On January 30, 1996, CJ left me the first answering machine message I've received from her. (380k .au file)

At least one picture to follow soon.

Oh, and yes, of course, CJ has a kite I built her hanging on her bedroom wall.


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