My current CD collection

Discs marked "CD5" are singles or EPs. Country codes such as "UK" indicate imports. "s" denotes items I've had autographed by the artist. And "ltd ed" denotes an item of supposedly limited pressing. A row including an artist but with no album title indicates an eponymous release.

The Alan Parsons Project Gaudi
Adams, Bryan Reckless
A-Ha Hunting High and Low
America History
Amos, Tori Boys for Pele
Amos, Tori China(UK CD5)
Amos, Tori Cornflake Girl (CD5)
Amos, Tori God (CD5)
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes
Amos, Tori Silent All These Years (ltd ed UK CD5)
Amos, Tori Winter (ltd ed CD5)
Amos, Tori Under the Pink
Anderson, Ian Divinities
Anderson, Laurie Big Science
Anderson, Laurie Bright Red
Anderson, Laurie Mister Heartbreak
Anderson, Laurie Strange Angels
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
Apple, Fiona Tidal
Area The Perfect Dream
Arson Garden The Belle Stompe
Arson Garden Drink A Drink of You (CD5)
Arson Garden Under Towers
Arson Garden Wisteria
The B-52's The B-52's
The Band Anthology Vol. 1
Bankstatement Bankstatement
Bel Canto Birds of Passage
Bel Canto Shimmering, Warm, and Bright
Bel Canto Unicorn (CD5)
Bel Canto White-Out Conditions
Belly King
Belly Star
Betty Hello Betty
Betty Kiss My Sticky (CD5)
Big Country The Crossing
Big Country Heart of the World (UK CD5)
Big Country Peace in Our Time
Big Country The Seer
Big Country Steeltown
Black, Frank The Cult of Ray
Black, Frank Teenager of the Year
Blackgirls Procedure
Bourgeois Tagg Yoyo
The Breeders Last Splash
Brickell, Edie Picture Perfect Morning
Brightman, Sarah Dive
Bush, Kate Aspects of the Sensual World (CD5)
Bush, Kate The Dreaming (UK)
Bush, Kate Eat the Music (CD5)
Bush, Kate Hounds of Love (UK)
Bush, Kate Hounds of Love EMI 100 edition (UK)
Bush, Kate If You Could See Me Fly (i)
Bush, Kate Interview Picture Disc (UK)
Bush, Kate The Kick Inside (UK)
Bush, Kate Lionheart (UK)
Bush, Kate Love and Anger (UK CD5)
Bush, Kate Moments of Pleasure (ltd ed UK CD5 box)
Bush, Kate Moments of Pleasure (UK CD5)
Bush, Kate Never for Ever (UK)
Bush, Kate Passing Through Air
Bush, Kate The Red Shoes
Bush, Kate The Red Shoes (UK CD5 1)
Bush, Kate The Red Shoes (UK CD5 2)
Bush, Kate Rocket Man (UK CD5)
Bush, Kate Rubberband Girl (CD5)
Bush, Kate Rubberband Girl (UK CD5)
Bush, Kate The Sensual World (UK)
Bush, Kate This Woman's Work (UK boxset 1)
Bush, Kate This Woman's Work (UK boxset 2)
Cave, Nick What a Wonderful World (w/Shane MacGowan) (CD5)
Chapman, Tracy Crossroads
Chapman, Tracy Matters of the Heart
Chapman, Tracy New Beginning
Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman
Chavez, Ingrid May 19, 1992
Chess (sndtrk)
Chicago Greatest Hits
The Chieftains Celtic Wedding
Clannad Fuaim (UK)(s)
Clannad PastPresent
Clapton, Eric August
Clapton, Eric Behind the Sun
Clapton, Eric Slowhand
Cole, Paula Harbinger
Cole, Paula This Fire
Collins, Phil ...But Seriously
Collins, Phil Face Value
Collins, Phil Hello, I Must Be Going!
Collins, Phil No Jacket Required
Colvin, Shawn A Few Small Repairs
Colvin, Shawn Fat City
Colvin, Shawn Steady On
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting
Concrete Blonde Caroline (CD5)
Copland, Aaron Copland Conducts Copland: Appalachian Spring
The Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
The Cranberries Linger (CD5)
The Cranberries No Need to Argue
Crash Test Dummies God Shuffled His Feet
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young American Dream
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young So Far
Crow, Sheryl Tuesday Night Music Club
Dave Matthews Band Remember Two Things
Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming
Deep Forest Deep Forest
Depeche Mode I Feel You (CD5)
Dion Yo Frankie
Dire Straits Alchemy (disc 1)
Dire Straits Alchemy (disc 2)
Dire Straits Love Over Gold
Dire Straits Making Movies
Enya The Memory of Trees
Enya Shepherd Moons
Enya Watermark
Etheridge, Melissa 2001 (UK CD5)
Etheridge, Melissa Brave and Crazy
Etheridge, Melissa Never Enough
Etheridge, Melissa Yes I Am
Fairground Attraction First of a Million Kisses
Faith No More Angel Dust
Ferrick, Melissa Massive Blur
Ferrick, Melissa Willing to Wait
Ferron Not a Still Life
Ferron Phantom Center
Fish Big Wedge (UK CD5)
Fish The Company (UK CD5)
Fish Credo (UK CD5)
Fish A Gentleman's Excuse Me (UK CD5)
Fish Internal Exile (UK)
Fish Internal Exile (UK CD5)
Fish Something in the Air (UK CD5)
Fish Vigil In A Wilderness of Mirrors (UK)
Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night
Gabriel, Peter Birdy (UK)
Gabriel, Peter Blood of Eden (UK CD5)
Gabriel, Peter (car)
Gabriel, Peter (melt)
Gabriel, Peter Passion
Gabriel, Peter Plays Live (disc 1)
Gabriel, Peter Plays Live (disc 2)
Gabriel, Peter (security)
Gabriel, Peter Shaking the Tree
Gabriel, Peter So
Gabriel, Peter Us
Galway, James In Ireland
Genesis Abacab
Genesis ...And Then There Were Three...
Genesis Duke
Genesis Foxtrot
Genesis Genesis
Genesis Invisible Touch
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Genesis Live (UK)
Genesis Nursery Cryme (UK)
Genesis Seconds Out
Genesis Selling England by the Pound (UK)
Genesis Three Sides Live
Genesis Trespass (UK)
Genesis A Trick of the Tail
Genesis We Can't Dance
Genesis We Know What We Like
Genesis Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
Genesis Wind and Wuthering
Germano, Lisa Happiness
Germanom, Lisa On the Way Down from the Moon Palace
Gilmour, David About Face
Golden, Pamela Happens All the Time
Golden Palaminos Drunk With Passion
Gorecki, Henryk Symphony No. 3
Grebenshikov, Boris Radio Silence
Hersh, Kristin Hips and Makers
Hex Vast Halos
His Name is Alive In Every Ford (CD5)
Hornsby, Bruce A Night on the Town
Hornsby, Bruce Scenes from the Southside
Horse God's Home Movie
The Innocence Mission
The Innocence Mission Bright As Yellow (CD5)
Jackson, Janet Rhythm Nation: 1814
Jackson, Joe Blaze of Glory
Jale Dreamcake
The Jayhawks Tomorrow the Green Grass
Jellyfish Spilt Milk
Jethro Tull 20 Years (disc 1)
Jethro Tull 20 Years (disc 2)
Jethro Tull 20 Years (disc 3)
Jethro Tull A
Jethro Tull A Classic Case
Jethro Tull Aqualung
Jethro Tull Benefit
Jethro Tull Broadsword and the Beast
Jethro Tull Catfish Rising
Jethro Tull Crest of a Knave
Jethro Tull Living in the Past
Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery
Jethro Tull Part of the Machine (UK CD5)
Jethro Tull Rock Island
Jethro Tull Songs from the Wood
Jethro Tull Stand Up
Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
Jethro Tull War Child
Jewel Pieces of You
Joel, Billy The Bridge
Joel, Billy Concert
Joel, Billy Glass Houses
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits (disc 1)
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits (disc 2)
John, Elton Live in Australia
Joyner, Eileen Always Wear Underwear
Kamen, Michael Brazil (sndtrk)
Kamen, Michael Concerto for Saxophone
Karklins, Ingrid A Darker Passion
Karklins, Ingrid Anima Mundi
Kennedy, Pete and Maura River of Fallen Stars
Kronos Quartet Sculthorpe/Sallinen/Glass/Nancarrow/Hendrix
Lava Hay Lava Hay
Lavelle, Caroline Spirit
Little Feat Representing the Mambo
Lush LoveLife
Lush Spooky
MacColl, Kirsty Electric Landlady
MacColl, Kirsty Miss Otis Regrets (UK CD5)
MacGowan, Shane The Song with No Name (UK CD5)
Madonna Like a Prayer
MaHarry, Wendy Fountain of Youth
Mann, Aimee I'm With Stupid
Mann, Aimee Whatever
Marillion B'Sides Themselves (UK)
Marillion Clutching at Straws (UK)
Marillion Fugazi
Marillion Misplaced Childhood
Marillion Real to Reel (UK)
Marillion Script for a Jester's Tear
Marillion Season's End
Marillion The Thieving Magpie (disc 1)
Marillion The Thieving Magpie (disc 2)
McKennitt, Loreena The Mask and the Mirror
McKennitt, Loreena The Visit
McKennitt, Loreena A Winter Garden
McLachlan, Sarah Rarities, B-Sides, & Other Stuff
McLachlan, Sarah Drawn to the Rhythm (CD5)
McLachlan, Sarah The Freedom Sessions
McLachlan, Sarah Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
McLachlan, Sarah I Will Not Forget You
McLachlan, Sarah Live
McLachlan, Sarah Solace
McLachlan, Sarah Steaming (CD5)
McLachlan, Sarah Surfacing (limited edition)
McLachlan, Sarah Touch
McLaren, Malcom Waltz Darling
Meitus, Robert 100 Flowers
Mertens, Wim The Belly of an Architecht (BE) (sndtrk)
Mertens, Wim Close Cover
Mertens, Wim For Amusement Only (BE)
Mertens, Wim No Testament (BE CD5)
Mike and the Mechanics The Living years
Mike and the Mechanics
Milla The Divine Comedy
Miranda Sex Garden Gush Forth My Tears (CD5)
Mitch Elrod's Swim Team The Muse of Intent
The Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager
The Moon Seven Times
The Moon Seven Times 7=49
The Moon Seven Times Sunburnt
Morrison, Van Irish Heartbeat
Morrissey Kill Uncle
Morrissey November Spawned a Monster (CD5)
Morrissey Ouija Board, Ouija Board (CD5)
Morrissey Vauxhall and I
Mould, Bob Workbook
Mouth Music Mouth Music
Mysterious Voices of Bulgaria Balkan
Newcomer, Carrie The Bird or the Wing
Nirvana In Utero
Nirvana Nevermind
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
O'Connor, Sinead Am I Not Your Girl
O'Connor, Sinead Fire On Babylon (CD5)
O'Connor, Sinead Gospel Oak
O'Connor, Sinead I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
O'Connor, Sinead My Special Child (UK CD5)
O'Connor, Sinead Silent Night (UK CD5)
O'Connor, Sinead Universal Mother
October Project Falling Farther In
October Project October Project
O'Hara, Mary Margaret Miss America
Oingo Boingo Only a Lad
Over the Rhine Eve
Patinkin, Mandy Oscar & Steve
Pearl Jam No Code
Pearl Jam Ten
Pearl Jam Vitalogy
Pearl Jam Vs
Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever
Pidgeon, Rebecca The Raven
Pink Floyd Animals
Pink Floyd The Division Bell
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd On the Turning Away (UK CD5)
Pink Floyd The Wall
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Pixies Bossanova
Pixies Dig For Fire (CD5)
Pixies Doolittle
Pixies Here Comes Your Man (CD5)
Pixies Monkey Gone to Heaven (CD5)
Pixies Planet of Sound (UK CD5)
Pixies Surfer Rosa / Come On Pilgrim
Pixies Trompe Le Monde
Pixies Velouria (CD5)
The Pogues Fairytale of New York (UK CD5)
The Pogues Hell's Ditch
The Pogues If I Should Fall From Grace with God
The Pogues Peace and Love
The Pogues Poguetry in Motion (UK CD5)
The Pogues Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash
The Pogues Waiting for Herb
The Police Outlandos d'Amour
The Police Synchronicity
Prefab Sprout Jordan the Comeback
The Proclaimers Sunshine on Leith
Public Image Ltd. 9
Rainbirds Blueprint (DE CD5)
Raitt, Bonnie Luck of the Draw
R.E.M. Document
R.E.M. Green
R.E.M. Monster
R.E.M. Murmur
R.E.M. Out of Time
Renaissance Tales of 1001 Nights Vol. 1
The Residents Cube E
The Residents Eskimo
The Residents Freak Show
Rhodes, Happy Building the Colossus (s)
Rhodes, Happy C:\happy rhodes (promo CD5)(s)
Rhodes, Happy Ecto
Rhodes, Happy Equipoise (s)
Rhodes, Happy HR5 (promo CD5) (s)
Rhodes, Happy The Keep
Rhodes, Happy Rearmament
Rhodes, Happy Rhodes I
Rhodes, Happy Rhodes II
Rhodes, Happy RhodeSongs
Rhodes, Happy Warpaint
Rush Moving Pictures
Siberry, Jane Bound by the Beauty
Siberry, Jane No Borders Here
Siberry, Jane When I Was a Boy
Simon, Carly Greatest Hits Live
Simon, Carly Have You Seen Me Lately?
Simon, Paul The Rhythm of the Saints
The Smiths Louder Than Bombs
The Smiths Meat is Murder (UK)
The Smiths The Peel Sessions (UK CD5)
The Smiths Rank
The Smiths The Smiths
The Smiths Strangeways Here We Come
The Smiths There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (UK CD5)
The Smiths This Charming Man (CD5)
Snow, Mark The Truth and the Light (X-Files sndtrk)
Soul Asylum Grave Dancers Union
Sponge Rotting Pinata
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 (disc 1)
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 (disc 2)
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 (disc 3)
Squeeze Singles
Stalling, Carl Carl Stalling Project
Steely Dan Decade
Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78
Stevens, Cat Classics Vol. 24
Sting The Dream of the Blue Turtles
Sting ...Nothing Like the Sun
Sting The Soul Cages
Stivell, Alain Again
Stuermer, Daryl Steppin' Out
Supertramp Crime of the Century
Sweet, Matthew 100% Fun
Sweet, Matthew Altered Beast
Sweet, Matthew Blue Sky on Mars
Sweet, Matthew Son of A. Beast
Talking Heads Little Creatures
Talking Heads True Stories
The The Mind Bomb
They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants
That Dog Retreat from the Sun
Thompson, Richard Mirror Blue
Thorpe, Billy Children of the Sun...Revisited
Tickell, Kathryn On Kielder Side (UK)
Tikaram, Tanita Eleven Kinds of Loneliness
'Til Tuesday Everything's Different Now
'Til Tuesday Welcome Home
Townshend, Pete The Iron Man
Townshend, Pete White City
The Travelling Wilburys Vol. 1
U2 Achtung Baby
U2 Boy
U2 The Joshua Tree
U2 War
Ure, Midge Answers to Nothing
Vega, Suzanne 99.9 F^o
Vega, Suzanne 99.9 F^o (UK CD5)
Vega, Suzanne Days of Open Hand
Vega, Suzanne Solitude Standing
Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega
Vowel Movement Vowel Movement
Waters, Roger Amused to Death
Waters, Roger Radio KAOS
Waters, Roger The Wall
The Who Tommy (disc 1)
The Who Tommy (disc 2)
Williams, Dar The End of Summer
Williams, Victoria Happy Come Home
Williams, Victoria Loose
XTC Oranges and Lemons
XTC Skylarking
Yes 90215
Yes Big Generator
Yes YesSongs (disc 1)
Yes YesSongs (disc 2)
Zazou, Hector I'll Strangle You (UK(?) CD5)
Various Aural Gratification Ambient Vol. 1
Various Aural Gratification Ambient Vol. 2
Various The Blues Brothers (sndtrk)
Various Evita (disc 1) (sndtrk)
Various Evita (disc 2) (sndtrk)
Various Kiss My Ass
Various Secret Policeman's Third Ball
Various Stay Awake
Various Sweet Relief
Various Toys (sndtrk)
Various Two Rooms (Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
Various Until the End of the World (sndtrk)

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