Surprise, surprise, this is where all the clothes worn by Disney employees within the park are kept, cleaned, and handed out.

With the right accompaniment, it's easy enough to get a sort of starter set. Once you've got a costume, you can trade it in for a clean set at any time, but don't *dare* drop something off without getting a replacement, or you may never get a new one. Naturally, they didn't have a nametag with my name, so I got to be Matt all week long.

When I first saw Dean, I noticed that his long hair was tucked inside his hat. I asked if that was by desire or requirement. He said it was simply too hot to have his hair down, but if I didn't want to stuff it in the cap, that was fine. It's my understanding that it's *extremely* rare for Disney to let men on stage with either long hair or facial hair. I'm not sure exactly what made us special, but we did it. <phew> Talk about a potential moral dilemma!

When I went to trade in my first costume, the hanger the new pair of shorts was pinned to had the cryptic message "Resist the gay pride movement" written on the paper covering the (wire) hanger. Apparently the straight minority employees at Disney are trying to start a grass roots revolution)


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