We stayed in the Disney All-Star Music Resort, which is right next to the All-Star Sports. These are two huge hotel complexes. Music has 10 buildings of rooms, two pools, and a giant lobby/giftshop/food-court/bar sort of place at one end. Halfway between the farthest buildings and the lobby thingy they had a small truck selling various foods at different times of the day.

Each pair of buildings had a theme -- calypso, jazz, rock, country, and broadway, with rather frightening decorations. I stayed in Broadway. The two buildings faced onto a street with a taxicab parked on it, and each building's central entrance was themed as the entrance to a Broadway theater, complete with marquee for Beauty and the Beast.

One pool is shaped like a piano. The other is shaped as a guitar, complete with a small, separate wading pool for the head stock. The guitar pool had black pavement circles around the head stock for tuning keys, and the "neck" of the pool had frets marked in tile on the floor. Very cool.

Still, overall, I found the resort to be rather disturbing, rather bizarre. I suppose it just fit into the utter bizarreness of being there in the first place.


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